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When different worldviews and sets of values clash, it creates tensions and conflicts. This happens not just on a societal level but also in our personal lives, all around us. And let’s be frank - it happens a lot.
In music, a mix of conflicting sounds that grates on the ears is called “dissonance”. It eventually moved into the world of psychology as well and is now described as a state where contradictory ideas and beliefs come together. 
If we want to dig deep into the nature of conflict in our lives, let's take a musical approach to it. We'll delve into how people saw dissonance in music during different historical periods and how it reflected changes in society. Maybe looking at it this way can give us a fresh perspective on what dissonance means and how it holds significance in our lives.

You'll hear music by Rameau, Beethoven, Scriabin (Wagner), Schoenberg, and others.

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