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The goal of this program is not to challenge the composers to a duel, but to create a dialogue between the 19th and 21st centuries, between the melodic plasticity of Chopin and the new dissonant beauty of contemporary music presented by St. Petersburg composers  A.Knaifel, I.Drukh 

and G. Firtich.

After all, any music is ultimately about love and death, about suffering and joy, in short - about life. About the same thing, but in its own way.

F.Chopin Nocturne in C minorPolina Fradkina
00:00 / 06:45
F.Chopin Polonaise-FantasiaPolina Fradkina
00:00 / 13:00
F.Chopin Prelude in E minorPolina Fradkina
00:00 / 02:25
G.Firtich Sonata No.8 Polina Fradkina
00:00 / 08:28
I.Drukh Inventia, Sonata No.2 «To My Mother Memory»Polina Fradkina
00:00 / 11:14
I.Drukh Postlude, Sonata No.2 «To My Mother Memory»Polina Fradkina
00:00 / 06:44
O Heavily King, Prayer To The Holy SpiritPolina Fradkina
00:00 / 05:36
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